shout out to our heroes

Send a shout out to your favorite Haverford Hero/Heroes! Whether you want to thank a division, a team, a group of faculty, a student, or an individual that has gone above and beyond during these unprecedented times, click here to buy your shout out. Shout outs will be listed here leading up to the January 23, 2021 event and will remain up through June 2021.

See below for all of the shout outs we have received so far – thank you!


Stephen Walker ’22, William Walker ’24, and Andrew Walker ’27 – I am so proud of you all. No matter what curveball life brings, you rise above with grace – Haverford boys though and though – you are all my heroes!!!
– Love, Mom

To Kristin Vollmer, Thank you for never giving up and always moving forward under the most unusual of times. You are appreciated more than you will ever know. You are our HSPA Hero!!!
– Love, Dorothy

Iris and Kelly, It takes true heroes to take on the unknown and give it 110% for months on end – thanks for building the airplane while we fly it – you are our brave PfaP Heros!!!
– Love, Dorothy

Dr. Greytok, I would like to thank you for leading our Middle School during these difficult times. We love your newsletters- they are very inspiring and we look forward to receiving them.
– The Perillo Family

Thank you to Mark Fifer, Tim Lengel and Luqman Kolade for their amazing leadership during these difficult times. The effort, thought and care that these three have provided to the Upper School community is appreciated beyond easily expressed words. Thank you on behalf of the 6th Form Parents.
–  Andrea and John Pettibone

Thank you to the Haverford Heroes who help our boys each day! A special shout out to Mr. Patrylak, Ms.Harnett, Mr. Leech, Ms. Sides, Ms. Schroeder, Mr. Tryon and Mr. Walters for making this year amazing! You are truly appreciated!
The Keszeli Family

Thank you to the custodial and facilities staff at The Haverford School who have dedicated countless hours of labor to ensure that our boys have a clean, healthy space in which to learn.  There wouldn’t be in-person learning this year without you!
– The Dixon Family

Thank you to Dr. Greytok, Ms. Giovinazzo, and the entire 6th grade teaching team for making Eli’s first year in middle school such an enriching and happy experience despite the challenges. We would especially like to thank his advisor, Mrs. Kettering-Goens, who has been incredible!
– The Dixon Family

Thank you to the marvelous 8th grade teaching team for making Zach’s last year in middle school a positive and memorable one. His experience with his cohort under the leadership of Dr. Reich, who has modeled resilience, positivity and character during these tough times, has truly brought him joy.
– The Dixon Family

To Dorothy Walker from Palmer House, A heartfelt thank you from your colleagues in Palmer House! Your seamless transition in a time of chaos and uncertainty makes us proud to have you join our team. 
– Palmer House

Iris DiBernardo and Kelly Perillo, Thank you for your leadership of this event. Your willingness to bend your thinking and go outside the box has made us proud to work with you and we are all looking forward to the event on January 23rd! 
– Disty Lengel

Dr. John Nagl, our fearless leader – Thank you for EVERYTHING!  Nobody could have done it better!  Leading our amazing school through these very difficult times with optimism, faith, kindness, purpose, grace, optimism and caution for everyone’s wellbeing.  You are always a hero to us in the Briddell House.
  The Briddell Family

Dr. Pam Greenblatt, thank you for keeping the youngest of the Haverford boys safe and happy.  Your calming and steadfast presence is deeply appreciated.  I know I have two little boys who can’t wait for the day they can hug you getting out of the car!
  The Briddell Family

The Winter Concert was absolutely beautiful! Thank you to all who shared their incredible talents on and off screen to bring us those spectacular performances. BRAVO! ENCORE!
– The Zepka Family

Thank you to the amazing staff and faculty for making the 2020-2021 school year so engaging and memorable for the boys. We are so very grateful!
– The Gords



I would like to thank the Middle School teachers for letting our kids come back to school. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.
– The Perillo Family

We are forever grateful for the selfless care and dedication to our son from the faculty and staff of The Haverford School. You are true heroes and an inspiration to all.
– With Deepest Gratitude, The Gergo Family

A huge thank you to Haverford’s Health Services who continue to keep our boys safe!
– Carol Ann Randolph

Sincere thanks to the Haverford Middle School Teachers for their magnanimous support of our boys!
– Carol Ann Randolph

A huge thank you to the Lower School teachers and administration (our heroes) for everything you do every day, especially during the past challenging year. You continue to go above and beyond and we are grateful.
– The DiBernardo Family

Thank you to our head of school, division heads, teachers, advisors, coaches and staff for making the 2020/2021 school year happen! We cannot thank you enough for the countless hours spent making sure our boys are safe and able to be in school whether online or virtual. Your devotion to Haverford and our son specifically means the world to us and we are very thankful for all of you! 
– The Vollmer Family

Thank you very much to the great team in Palmer House! Alumni Relations, Parent Relations, and Development; we sincerely appreciate all the great work you have done on behalf of Haverford through the pandemic.
– Austin Hepburn Pella Platinum Certified Contractor

THANK YOU to our favorite 5th grade math teacher:)….. Chelsea Hessels! We appreciate you more than you know.
– Sincerely, Nina Weisbord & George Wood ‘75

Challenges are what makes life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. To all Haverford School faculty & staff, “Preparing Boys for Life”, thank you for continuing to shine during a very challenging time.
– The Tellez Family

The Tellez Family would like to thank Kristin Vollmer, Iris and Kelly and the entire HSPA board and volunteers for turning a challenging year into something victorious. You are all gifts to the boys and the Haverford Community! Thank you for everything you do…

Tim Lengel, For many reasons, but here for the way you make me proud to be the mother of a Haverford teacher. Watching you this year has given me a greater appreciation of what all teachers across the country are working through.  I admire them all, but love you most. 
– Mom 

A huge Congratulations to Iris DiBernardo and Kelly Perillo and all of their committee members for adapting to this amazing online forum and keeping the spirit of the HSPA alive and well!  Thank you ladies!
  The Briddell Family 

Aidan, Nate & Asher Briddell- Your Mom & Dad are so proud of you all.  Your smiles light up our world and the future is yours!  We love each of you to the moon and back.  We will always be cheering you on!

– Mom and Dad

There are not enough words to describe our gratitude, Dr Nagl, for your constant guidance, support, and leadership of our Haverford family, especially during the most difficult of times. THANK YOU!!!
– The Zepka Family

Thank you to all faculty and staff for your sincere dedication, extraordinary efforts and many sacrifices to ensure the continued safety and success of our boys. You are our everyday Haverford Heroes!
– The Zepka Family

Thank you to all the Haverford faculty and staff for everything you did last spring in pivoting to remote education. It was inspiring to see how you executed the transition so seamlessly while continuing to make the educational experience amazing. We cannot wait to rejoin the Haverford community on campus hopefully soon.
– The Bradford Family